Ridiculously Adorable

​​​Clothes for Kids

Please contact me to discuss what you might be interested in for an Adorable child in your life."

Custom orders: Tell me all about the child you want something for... gender, size, notes on size if any (standard, long waisted, tall/ short, etc), favorite colors, favorite sports, loves unicorns/ butterflies/ pigs, etc; lives in a cold or warm region; tomboy or girlie girl. 
It would helpful if you could reference, as an example, an item or fabric you might have seen on the website.  Note: many of the fabrics in the photos are no longer available and not all fabrics work in all sizes.

Contact Me

Text or Call: 
224-698-SEWS (7397)

To order an item from Available Items, please put the item number in the Subject line. In the Message text, please confirm the size you are ordering with a brief description, and your preferred delivery method.